Playing golf is good | Golfing with a weighted belt is great

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in the western countries. This sport requires you to have strength in your arms, legs and torso in order to time the perfect shot and hit the ball far away from the tee. The force that you generate for your swing uses almost all the muscle groups in your body. In other words, for you to be able to swing the club easily, you need to be stronger and more agile.

Power Wearhouse brings to you Power Weighted Belt that can be a great addition to your golf routine to help you swing your club faster. This weighted belt can be worn on your waist to put on some additional weight in order to create power and balance for your swing. The extra weight also helps to add stability to your swing, thereby increasing accuracy.

This sleek and stylish unisex waist belt adds about a maximum of 4.5kg of weight to your body. Made from flexible neoprene, this waist belt is very soft and comfortable to wear. It features two buckles that allow you to wear it perfectly over your waist and hips. As per the waist size of the user, the belt can be adjusted up to 4inches to ensure a comfort fit.

To secure a perfect swing in golf, you need to engage your hips earlier than your upper torso. This waist belt will help you to do the same by adding some extra weight on your hips. It will also help you to strengthen your core, thereby putting more power in your swing. Another advantage of wearing this belt is that it helps you burn a few extra calories while you walk.

Power Wearhouse Weighted Fitness Belt is a great piece of gym equipment that can play a vital role in your golfing sessions. Add it to your kit and experience it changing your game in many ways!

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