30 Mins Walking Is Good | Walking With Weighted Belt Is Great

Having a fit body doesn’t always require you to spend hours at the gym lifting weights or doing cardio. Walking for about half an hour can also benefit your body in many ways and allow you to develop your cardiovascular health. On the other hand, wearing a weighted belt around your waist can speed up the process of fat burn and help you shed calories faster.

Power Wearhouse brings to you Weighted Fitness Belt that allows you to burn more calories while walking or exercising on a fitness machine. This sleek and stylish weighted belt lets you add weight in 128gm increments up to 4.5kg, allowing you to customize your workout routine at your own pace. Walking with this belt around your waist enables you to maximize the benefit of this simple everyday exercise.

To make things comfortable for the user, Power Wearhouse has designed this weighted belt using soft and flexible neoprene material. The belt has two easy to open and close buttons that ensure a perfect fit according to your waist size. The belt can be adjusted up to 4 inches with an interior hoop and look straps that allow you to set and forget the size that works best for you.

Walking for a certain amount of time on a daily basis is very beneficial for your body as it helps to burn fat and keep medical conditions like heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes at bay. Walking with a weighted fitness belt will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness as you will require to put in more effort at every step. It will also help in strengthening your bones and muscles and improve your muscle endurance.

Power Wearhouse Weighted Fitness Belt is perfect for everyday use as it is very durable and versatile. It features an interior pocket that lets you stash your credit card or keys in it. The material has anti-stink properties and can be washed very easily. With such simple yet productive workout equipment in your arsenal, your journey towards fitness is bound to be much easier and quicker.

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