Additive Effect

Much like a master chef preparing a perfect plate, the quality and enjoyment of your workoutswill depend on a variety of factors. There are the main ingredients, of coursethe exercisesthemselves. Then we have the precise measurementsthat would be the reps and sets andrest periods. Stir it all together, introduce some heat, and voila! You’ve got yourself a meal (or aworkout, if you will).

And just as any dish can be enhanced with the appropriate seasoning, you can also spiceupyour workouts by adding accessories to the mix. We like to call this the “Additive Effect”, afeature that’s exclusive to Power WearHouse’s line of fitness wearables.

Let’s take our Power Weighted Fitness Belt, for example. Whether you’re into power walking orPilates, calisthenics or capoeira, by strapping this chic and stylish neoprene belt around yourwaist, you’re adding up to 10 pounds of resistance to your workout. The result? More caloriesburned, more muscles built. That’s the Additive Effect in action.

One of the unique benefits of the Power Weighted Fitness Belt is the positive effect it can haveon the spine. Gravity’s pull leads to a constant compressive force on the vertebral discs; whenthe belt is strapped around your waist, the downward pull of the added weight helps to counterthis action. Improved posture, decreased pain, and feeling a foot taller are just a few of theoutcomes you can expect.

We all have our favourite meals, but even mom’s world famous lasagna can get boring toomany days in a row. Something’s got to change, be it the ingredients, the measurements or theseasoning. The same goes for your workouts. Like adding that final dash of salt, incorporatingthe Power Weighted Fitness Belt into your training sessions will keep the things you love doingfresh and engaging.

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