Benefits of Power Weighted Fitness Jump Rope

The recent pandemic of COVID-19 had confined people to their homes. For daily gym-goers and fitness freaks, the lockdowns proved to be an opportunity to rediscover traditional exercises that could be done in the comfort of their homes. Jumping rope is one such exercise that requires minimal space and equipment, but delivers a stunning result when it comes to developing strength and stamina.

This old-school exercise is far more than just a fun activity as it activates multiple muscle groups in your body, ensuring a complete workout. Jumping rope is also considered to be beneficial for your mental health as it releases the ‘feel-good’ hormone called endorphins that scare away the stress from your mind.

There are people who are so adept at this activity, that they are always looking for ways to make it more challenging. For such individuals, Power Wearhouse brings to you Power Weighted Fitness Jump Rope. This jump rope is slightly heavier than the normal jump rope and hence proves to be more challenging for use.

A weighted jump rope like this one is ideal for individuals who wish to take their workouts up a notch. Advanced jumpers can use this rope to add more resistance to their training. The additional weight of the rope requires you to exercise more concentration, which in turn, improves your rhythm as well as timing. The extra weight puts more pressure on your arms and core, making you put in more effort to keep skipping.

This product is ideal for all those who like to keep track of their calories burnt during a workout. The jump rope comes with a digital counter that displays the total amount of calories expended during your workout. The counter also shows the number of jumps made and the total distance covered in kms or miles. The multi-mode digital counter is easy to set and can be operated by a beginner as well.

Power Weighted Fitness Jump Rope features ergonomic handles that offer a comfortable grip to the user. The rope length can be easily adjusted according to your convenience which comes as an added advantage. The rope is made using a blend of ABS and PVC which imparts it strength as well as longevity.

With this power weighted rope, you will be able to improve your cardiovascular health, increase concentration and improve coordination. Due to the increased resistance of this weighted rope, you will be able to burn more calories than usual and strengthen the muscles in your legs, shoulders and arms. In short, by merely switching to a normal rope, you are able to improve your flexibility as well as fitness levels by many folds.

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