Power WearHouse Wearables are Uniquely Comfortable & Chic

I’m Shelagh Stoneham, founder of Power WearHouse™, and I’ve got a story to tell you. 

It all began with a simple question: Why can’t fitness wearables be comfortable and stylish? As someone who loves both fashion and fitness, I was tired of clunky weighted vests that made me feel like a medieval knight. So, I set out to create something entirely different. 

I started with a vision: a weighted fitness vest that you’d actually want to wear. The result was our flagship product, the Power Weighted Fitness Vest™. It’s sleek, it’s soft, and it’s so comfortable that you could wear it while doing almost anything—running, yoga, power-walking with your dog, or even grocery shopping. No more chafing, no more awkward shifting—just a vest that moves with you. This was followed by the successful launch of our Power Weighted Belt™.

But there’s more to our story

Our vest became popular not only with fitness enthusiasts but also with people with osteoporosis. We quickly found that those with osteoporosis were wearing our vest for hours to support their bone health, appreciating the comfort and design. 

We were then asked to create a revolutionary compression vest for those with sensory processing challenges. The ProPower Compression Vest™was designed in collaboration with occupational therapists, for a whole new level of functionality for those with autistic &/or ADHD.. It features the ProPower Advantage™, allowing caregivers and healthcare professionals to precisely and consistently adjust compression levels to suit individual needs. Yet, so stylish, kids want to wear it!!

Weighted wearables are good for your body. Compression Vests are good for your sensory regulation. Power WearHouse makes sure they also look great and feel amazing to wear.

As a fitness enthusiast with a background in fashion, I pay close attention to detail. I ask myself: How does it fit? How does it look? And, most importantly, how does it make you feel? These questions guided me in creating the most thoughtfully designed weighted and compression wearables.

I never want you to feel burdened.

No heavy armor clanking on your chest.

No uncomfortable gear that rubs and doesn’t fit right.

Instead, every time you wear a Power WearHouse product, I want you to feel uplifted.

I designed these wearables for you, and I wear them too.


Shelagh Stoneham
Founder & CEO | Power WearHouse Inc.

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