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You're not going into battle. You're going to the bank.

The idea of weighted fitness wearables is great: who doesn’t want to burn extra calories and fat, benefit from extra cardio and extra muscle-toning? But here’s what wasn’t working, and why Power WearHouse™ came to be:

Most products are all about the ‘weighted’. We’re all about the ‘wearable’.

I’m Shelagh Stoneham, founder of Power WearHouse, and designer of the Power Weighted Fitness Vest™, which is where we started – and what makes us different is that we’ve created weighted fitness wearables that can be part of your everyday. You can ‘Wear Your Workout.’ Don’t get me wrong – the Power Weighted Fitness Vest and Belt are perfect for gronking it out on a 15k trail run. They could tone up a Navy SEAL.

But let’s face it: for most of us, we work out because it’s smart and it’s a healthy thing to do. Our mission is to empower you, by giving you something you want to wear – whether you run, do pilates or yoga, power walk with your pooch, golf, go for groceries or to the bank.

We don’t ask you to do more, we just want you to get more out of what you’re doing.

Weighted fitness wearables do good things for your body. But what sets Power WearHouse fitness wearables apart is that we’ve designed them to feel good and look good on your body.

I’m an active exerciser. And with my fashion background, I’m all about attention to detail: How does it fit? How does it look? More importantly, How does it make you feel?That’s how we became the most thoughtfully-designed weighted fitness wearables out there.

Take our unisex weighted fitness vest: It’s easy-to-wear. Unlike other weighted vests, it comes in a variety of sizes, is cut so that it won’t shift or chafe and  feels like it was custom-fitted. It’s made out of neoprene which is soft, and, because it fits you well, it’s really comfortable. Chic and sleek, the Power Weighted Fitness Vest is nothing like a suit of armour. Nothing like any other weighted vest on the market.

I’m happy for you to feel the burn, but I don’t want you to feel the chafe. And that’s true of everything Power WearHouse makes.

I never want you to feel weighed down by the obligation to workout.

By paramilitary iron that clanks on your chest.

By gear that chafes and doesn’t fit properly.

I want you – every time you put on a Power WearHouse product – to feel lifted up.

I designed it for you, and I’m wearing it with you.


Shelagh Stoneham
Founder & CEO | Power WearHouse Inc.

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