How do I know a weighted vest is right for me?

Weighted vests are for (almost) everyone! If you’re a beginner, our comfortable, easy to wear vest can help you improve your fitness while doing everyday activities, from strolling to shopping to even walking the dog! You’ll find that even a single pound can amplify your cardio and build core strength. If you’re someone with a consistent fitness routine looking to challenge yourself, our vests are the ideal complement to your existing program. And if you’re a pro, go ahead, fill the pockets with weights and go crazy! (It comes with you choice of 5 or 10lbs and more can be purchased separately.) Train for your ironman, Ironman! We know you’ll be pleased with the results.

Is this a good vest for people (like me) with osteoporosis?

Yes, absolutely!! Our vest is so comfortable that you can wear it for extended periods of time. We have some customers that have told us they wear it all day and even forget they are doing so. The soft neoprene and various sizes is designed to offer a really comfortable fit. Maybe that’s why we are the only weighted vest offered on the National Osteoporosis Foundation store. https://store.nof.org/collections/partner-products

Does the vest come with weights?

Yes! The vest comes with 10 pounds of weights. We recommend starting with a lighter load to gently build endurance. And we always think it’s a good idea to check with your doctor if you have any reservations.

Why are the weights soooooo expensive?

There are three reasons for the price. First, it’s all about quality. The weights are cast iron which means they retain their integrity forever (versus the sand used in most vests, which is bulky and lasts for a minute). Second, they are zinc-coated so they will not get damaged by sweat. Finally, the shipping costs are significant since shipping is metered by weight, so we build shipping into the cost of the weights, so we can keep our costs consistent.


How do I load the vest with weights?

It’s easy!

  • Simply, insert bars in pockets with the flat-side against your body for comfort.
  • Lock & secure weights by stretching the opening over the end of the weight bar. Do the reverse to unlock.
  • Start with weight equivalent to 2% of your bodyweight. For example, a 150Ib | 68kg athlete would start-out using 3lbs | 1.5kg distributed evenly across vest &/or shorts.
  • Typical training regime for a 150lb | 68kg athlete:
Weeks % Body Weight Weight
1 and 2 2% 3lbs/1.5kg
3 and 4 3% 4.5lbs/2kg
5 and 6 4% 6lbs/2.7kg
7 and 8 5% 7.5lbs/3.4kg

How do I reach customer service?

We love to hear from our customers. Please email us at info@powerwearhouse.com. If it’s super urgent, text 416.670.8148

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