Sport Fitness Benefits Of Weighted Workouts

Pickleball / Tennis

Can weighted wearables improve your tennis / pickleball game? You bet! Both the Power Weighted Workout Vest and the Power Weighted Belt make for terrific training partners on the court.

  • Train explosive lower body movements in any direction
  • Improve your stamina to play longer
  • Builds cardiovascular and muscular fitness

Walking / Running 

Walking / Running is one of the most fundamental physical skills. Don’t complicate your training for the track—the Power Weighted Workout Vest is an all-in-one training tool for:

  • Improving walking / running posture
  • Increasing walking / running speed
  • Enhancing cardiovascular and muscular endurance


A proper golf swing is a finely-tuned movement that takes hours upon hours of practice to achieve. The Power Weighted Fitness Belt can compliment this practice by:

  • Creating balance and stability throughout the hips
  • Engaging your core in order to connect the upper and lower body
  • Teaching ideal rotational mechanics for the perfect swingq


Dancing is an expression of balance, agility and grace. The Power Weighted Belt is designed to bring out the best in your ability without compromising any of these qualities.

  • Emphasizes and engages the core
  • Stabilizes and balances the hips
  • Adds resistance to build endurance


Nothing is more important for on-ice performance than lower body strength. The Power Weighted Fitness Vest and the Power Weighted Fitness Belt are the perfect training tools for building:

  • Explosive skating speed
  • Lower-limb muscular endurance
  • Rotational core strength for powerful shots


The fast pace, the explosive movements, the battles underneath the rim—basketball is an exhausting sport that demands a lot from the body. The Power Weighted Fitness Vest will help elevate your game into rarified air by:

  • Increasing cardiovascular conditioning
  • Improving first-step speed and jumping power
  • Building physical resilience and toughness


Whether you’re on the pitch or in the net, soccer requires a deep well of stamina and speed. What better way to build these reserves than by strapping on a Power Weighted Fitness Vest?

  • Amplifies sprinting speed
  • Conditions the entire body
  • Improves physical endurance
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