Level up your mountain climbers with ankle-wrist weights

While weight training is ideal for building mass and strength, it is functional training that has the most impact on your body and allows it to function as a single unit. The compound movements that you make during functional training enable you to live a comfortable day-to-day life. Such type of training also amps up your heart rate and lets you burn the fat in your body.

Mountain climbers are considered to be the best form of cardio training as they are very easy to perform and deliver great results if done regularly. This full-body workout is ideal for training not only your abs but also your legs, shoulders, arms and chest. According to studies, mountain climbers are good for maintaining cardiovascular health and also for enhancing upper body strength.

Having said that, mountain climbers can get monotonous after a certain point and you might need to tweak them a little in order to enjoy them to the fullest. Power Wearhouse brings to you Plus 2 Variable Wrist-Ankle Weights that help you to take any exercise up a notch. This accessory is an excellent addition to different workouts like pilates, yoga, rowing, running or walking routines.

This wearable features a sleek, hands-free and discrete design, allowing you to wear it either on your ankles or your wrists. Each wrist-ankle weight has 6 individual weights that can be removed to lighten the load. When it comes to mountain climbers, you can use these weights on your ankles to add a bit more weight to your legs. Thus, you will face a little more resistance while bringing your knees close to your chest, thereby helping you shred more fat in the process.

These weighted wearables help you accelerate calorie burn and improve cardio fitness. Apart from mountain climbers, you can pair these wrist-ankle weights with any other form of functional training. This product is coated with silicone for added comfort and has anti-stink properties that make it ideal for your sweaty training sessions. You can even wear these Plus 2 Variable Wrist-Ankle Weights in your daily life while doing household chores, while walking your dog, shopping etc. In other words, the possibilities are endless and all you need is the will to go that extra mile to reach your fitness goals!

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