Benefits of wearing Power Cushions with your wrist-ankle weights

People who work out regularly at a gym understand the downsides of wearing wrist or ankle weights while doing any exercise. Even though the edges of those weights are rounded or slightly padded, exercising repeatedly can cause bruising on the ankles and wrist over time. Most individuals wear a crepe bandage or tie a cloth around their wrists to minimize the friction against the weight. However, such tweaks are not always useful in the long run.

Power WearHouse brings to you Wrist/Ankle Weights Power Cushions that are designed to offer you optimal comfort while doing exercises that require you to pull weights with these joints. These cushions are tailor-made to prevent your bony wrists and ankles from painful chafing.

Since these Power Cushions are meant to be worn over your hands or feet, they are made from a soft and flexible polyester material. This lightweight material has a great tear strength which allows you to expose it to your strenuous workout sessions at the gym. The material is very absorbent as well, which is why you need not worry about the sweat trickling down on your wrist, thereby compromising the grip.

These cushions have a smooth texture that does not chafe your wrists in any way or cause irritation. Most people remove their wristwatches before using wrist weight to avoid damage to the watch. Thankfully, these Power Cushions are designed to protect your watch from such damage. They keep your watch from rubbing against your weights, which ultimately prevents any scratches on your watch. In case you wish to know the time, just pull back the cushions and you are good to go!

The discrete and unisex design of these cushions makes them a perfect choice for any man or woman. Moreover, the material is easy to clean as well which further enhances the practicality of these watches. All you need to do is either hand wash them or machine wash in cold water and then air dry.

These Power Cushions can be paired easily with Plus 2 Wrist-Ankle Weights from Power WearHouse or any other weight that you use in your daily workout regime. So, the next time you wish to train with weights tied to your wrists and ankles, there is no need to cringe as these cushions are there to you rescue!

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