Why wear a weighted vest or belt?

If you’re looking for a new way to spruce up your workout routine, you have come to the right place. A weighted vest or belt is exactly what it sounds like; a garment that holds extra weight to add more resistance to your workout regime.

If you’re among the many people that workout like beasts and surpass their goals quickly, you will need newer challenges to overcome so that your body can progress further in terms of your fitness goals. These vests and belts are there to provide more variety and more efficiency to your exercises.

A weighted vest will seamlessly blend into daily life and allow you to get the most out of basic activities like walking your dog or even shopping in a mall. You can get more out of your existing workout routine without having to change a single thing about it. These weighted vests and belts trick your body into thinking that you are heavier, and it needs to do more work to keep you maintained. This speeds up your metabolism.

People wearing weighted vets will always burn significantly more calories. The more you have to push through during the movements, the more movement your body will need to make and the more energy it will spend doing it. This basic science of added resistance presents a multitude of health benefits. So let’s look at some of these benefits one by one.

  • Cardiovascular Benefits                              

Cardiovascular health comes in when we talk about stamina and explosive strength. For this, runners who train with a bodyweight vest were seen to increase their speed and stamina significantly. Improvements were seen during endurance-run distances as well. High weights in the vest are ideal for improving speed on shorter distances, whereas lower weights are ideal for improving distance.

  • Strength Benefits

Just like weight lifting, training with weighted vests increases strength. Strength gains are noticeable after training with weighted vests while doing bench presses, pushups and adding weight to all traditional exercises. It helps in improving explosive strength and stamina as well. Such a weighted vest workout is also good for people with osteopenia and helps in reducing bone mineral density.

  • Body Mass Benefits

Weighted exercise is a good way of tricking your body into thinking that you are heavier than normal and, in doing so, increases the metabolism rate and improves bodily functions in general. A big part of achieving goals from exercise is diet and nutrient absorption.

You must consider many things before investing in a weighted belt or vest. A weighted vest or belt is supposed to distribute weight equally around your torso so that it is ideal to use for exercise. The equal weight distribution is necessary for performing all kinds of activities, including standing, walking, and even running. Still, there are some differentiating factors that you must consider. These are,

  • Style

There are many kinds of weighted vests on the market with various styles. The most common are shoulder-holster, tactical, and torso-covering. All of these different vest styles have some slight differentials, and you should pick the one that distributes weight according to your needs.

  • Comfort

 While picking a vest for yourself, this is the most important factor you should consider. The comfort level while you’re exercising determines how long you can go, how much you can challenge yourself, and ultimately, how effectively can you achieve your goals.

  • Versatility

Try to find a vest or belt that is good for all your activities and just seamlessly blends into your workout routine. You wouldn’t want a good product for some exercises and a problem for others.  

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