When Can you Wear Our Weighted Vest?

When Can you Wear Our Weighted Vest

Many people like to do bodyweight exercises because it gives you complete control over your own body. But over time, as you master all the exercises, you start lacking the resistance that makes it feel like your workout was worth it. This is where you can switch to alternative ways to increase exercise resistance to get the most out of your efforts. One of the best ways to do that is to use our weighted vests! These weighted vests add extra weight to your body and make every exercise you do just that extra bit challenging for your body to pull off.

It is a great way of burning more calories with the same exercises that feel like they’re doing much for you anymore. You can even achieve this feat without increasing any repetitions to your exercise routine. Another cool thing about these weighted vests is the fact that they are useful for more than just exercising. You can burn calories by wearing these weighted vests doing your everyday chores and office work! These slim vests can easily be concealed inside or around your regular clothes. It has many benefits to wear these weighted vests. Let’s look at them in detail.

Cardiovascular Benefits: Running with weighted vests has been shown to improve blood lactate thresholds. This means that the runners can run faster for longer periods of time after they have trained with a weighted vest.

Strength Benefits: Strength gains have been observed in people who practice explosive strength training with a weighted vest on. When you add weight to your body while your arms and legs are focusing on the weight training anyway, this provides you with the chance to increase your capacity.

Weight Loss Benefits: If you are working on that perfect lean body, these weighted vests work like a charm. It tricks your body into thinking that it is heavier and needs to do more work. This way, when you take it off, your body enjoys an accelerated metabolic rate which helps metabolize fats faster.

There are many creative ways to involve weighted vests in your daily life to extract benefits. Let’s look at some of these ways in which you can use a weighted vest.

  1. Body Weight Exercises: We have talked about this above how doing bodyweight exercises with a weighted vest can improve your efforts and give you better returns. This extra weight gives you more resistance and adds more challenges for your muscles to overcome.
  2. Walks and Hikes: Generally, walking and climbing heights is a good way to burn some calories. When you do so with a weighted vest on, you are improving the scope of such simple physical activities and the potential impact they can have on your health. Walking is also an easy activity to indulge in for beginners with a weighted vest.
  3. Bike Riding: Cycling is another one of those exercises that can be done by anyone. A weighted vest also makes it a little more challenging, and at the same time, a little more rewarding. You can also do so while cycling indoors or at a spin cycling class.
  4. Doing Chores: Wearing a weighted vest while doing regular chores at your home is another great idea. You can do your cooking, cleaning, going up and down the flight of stairs, and any other house chores like you regularly do and get some benefits out of that by adding a weighted vest to the process.
  5. Weight Training in the Gym: Going to the gym and lifting weights is the number one way of toning your body. But a way to enhance the efforts of the training you do at the gym is by wearing a weighted vest.

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