Power Weights 1.7 lbs – 0.8 kg


Sometimes you need just a little extra…

Our single packs of Power Weights come in 6 x 4.5 oz (128 g) increments to allow for ultimate flexibility in both load (up to 20 Ibs | 9 kg) and distribution for your Power Weighted Vest. They are designed to fit comfortably against your body and are secured in pockets to eliminate shifting and to produce a comfortable, no worries fit.

Unlike many of our competitors, our weights aren’t bags filled with sand. They are made of zinc coated cast iron so they won’t be damaged by perspiration and will last a lifetime.

Our weights are sweat and puncture proof. And yes, zinc coated cast iron is more expensive than sandbags but we believe that you want your vest to last a long time regardless how you use it. And we agree.


  • Builds power & endurance
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Enhances bone health
  • Accelerates fat burn
  • Improves cardio fitness


We found that even the best weighted vests on the market were designed with large increments weights and therefore not easily calibrated for specific individual needs and activities. Power™ Weights solves this problem.


  • 6-4.5oz | 128 g weights (subject to a variation of up to +/- 10%) that are specially designed to support finely balanced positioning across your front, back, upper & lower body
  • Comfortable design with a flat side that lies against your body.
  • Coated to prevent oxidization and to slide easily in and out of the weighted pocket in Power Weighted Vest
  • Additional weights should be added to customize your exercise programs to provide the maximum benefit from your Power WearHouse products.
  • Before starting any exercise program consult your physician.

*Free Shipping & Free Returns within Canada and the U.S.

Flat rate $30 International Shipping.


  • Made in Asia.
  • Zinc coated cast Iron
  • Easy care: weighted coated to prevent oxidization (rusting)
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