How do I load the vest with weights?

  • Insert bars in pockets with the flat-side against your body for comfort.
  • Lock & secure weights by stretching the opening over the end of the weight bar. Do the reverse to unlock.
  • Start with weight equivalent to 2% of your bodyweight. For example, a 150Ib/68kg athlete would start-out using 3lbs/1.5kg distributed evenly across vest &/or shorts.
  • Typical training regime for a 150lb/68kg athlete:
Weeks % Body Weight Weight
1 and 2 2% 3lbs/1.5kg
3 and 4 3% 4.5lbs/2kg
5 and 6 4% 6lbs/2.7kg
7 and 8 5% 7.5lbs/3.4kg

What are the main differences between the Power Vest and the ProPower PowerSuit Vest?

The fabric of the ProPower™ PowerSuit Weighted Vest is patented STOMATEX™ which allows hot air and moisture to escape and air to flow in thus allowing your body to maintain its normal temperature. It comes in both male and female versions, pairs with the PowerSuit Shorts and includes 2 sets of weights (6 x 4.5 oz. per set).

The Power Vest is made from Airprene which allows air and moisture to escape. It is a unisex design and also comes with 2 set of weights (6 x 4.5 oz. per set).

Do the vests come with weights?

Both vests come with 2 sets of weights for a total weight load of 3.375 lbs. When you add the weight of the vest itself the total weight is almost 5 lbs. to start.

Why are the weights soooooo expensive?

There are three reasons for the price. First, they are cast iron which means they retain their integrity forever (versus sand for example). Second, they are zinc coated so they will not rust/be damaged by water (as in aquafit) or sweat. Finally, the shipping costs are significant as you might imagine. Rest assured we are constantly looking at ways to reduce the price of our weights.