About Us

Power WearHouse products are designed to enhance, not replace, your exercise or conditioning routine. We don’t expect you to change your habits. We want you to get more out of your everyday activities and daily exercise routines. Simply stated, we want your workout to work out even better.

If your goal is to lose weight, build power and endurance or decrease the effects of osteoporosis are products are for you. Not only because they work but because they are designed to be used safely and comfortably. They fit like a second skin.

Yes, our products are different. They are not bulky or uncomfortable and won’t shift or chafe. They are engineered to be bio-mechanically smart and to enable safe, fluid movement. In other words, designed to comfortably enhance and support your own exercise programs to help build your own body’s powerhouse. The weights for our vests can be loaded in increments of 4.5 oz (up to 20 lbs) so you can gradually and safely increase resistance as you lose weight and build power and endurance. The Plus 1 wrist and ankle weights are only 1 lb each which you will find does a more-than-adequate job augmenting resistance training. And you can always double up if you need to.

These products will not interfere with your current exercise routines or sport specific training. Wear our weighted vest and wrist/ankle weights shopping, walking the dog, doing chores around the house, exercising at home or at the gym or in the water during aqua-fit.