Cool Fitness for Hot Summer Days

The summer season can be a bit cumbersome for all fitness enthusiasts who love to undertake a rigorous training regime to meet their desired fitness goals. In addition to the outside heat, you may face profuse sweating during this season, deviating you from your training. Our New Cooling TechnologyTM solution will keep you cool during your training session.

The Power Weighted Fitness Belt and Vest from Power Wearhouse are now equipped with New Cooling TechnologyTM, keeping you cool for up to an hour. Staying cool is easy. Simply place your Stackable Power Weights in the freezer between workouts. The cooling properties of the weights, when added to your Power Weighted Fitness Belt or Vest, prevent your body from overheating, leading to improved performance.

Since your body tends to stay cool for up to an hour, you can get your workout done in that period without feeling exhausted. Adding the Power Weighted Fitness Belt and Vest to your current regime is a great way to take your activity to the next level. The sleek and comfortable design of these training accessories helps you to reap maximum benefits from your exercise routine.

The Stackable Power Weights can be added in small increments to accelerate calorie burn and improve cardiovascular fitness. The Power Weighted Fitness Belt and Vest also help in muscle toning and strength, leading to optimal physical health.

Don’t let the summer heat get in the way of your fitness goals. Consistency is key, and with the New Cooling TechnologyTM, you can continue working towards improving your health and wellness. Tackle the summer heat with utmost ease, improve your performance, and continue working towards your health goals.

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