Woman running on treadmill while wearing Power Warehouse pink wrist weights
Man cross country running while wearing black adjustable wrist weights
Green unisex adjustable wrist and ankle weights modeled on a female hand
Product shot of light green adjustable wrist and ankle weights from Power WearHouse
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Adjustable weighted wrist weights shown threading though to form conformable lock for users
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Video: Female gym trainer explains how to use Plus 2 wrist weights to strengthen core and arms

Plus 2 Variable Wrist-Ankle Weights


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Exercise your right to accessorize — and get a better workout at the same time! At up to one pound each, our new Plus 2 Wrist-Ankle Weights™ are the perfect weighted wearables to add to your Pilates, yoga, rowing, running or walking routines. Completely hands-free, with a sleek, discrete design, they let you tone, build muscle and accelerate your workout anytime, anywhere. And you can enjoy the benefits outside the gym as well—slip them on at work, while walking the dog, shopping or doing chores around the house. The possibilities are endless!

We’ve designed our Plus 2s so that you can easily wear a pair on either your wrists or ankles and select the weight level that is best for your workout. Each wrist-ankle weight has 6 individual weights that can be removed to lighten the load. You can also add additional weight with the Plus 2  Booster Weights™ to achieve maximum fitness benefits.  The Plus 2 Booster Weights pack include 12 additional individual weights which is the equivalent of 2 lbs.

To power up your workout even more, pair them with our Power Weighted Vest™ or Power Weighted Belt™

Remember: Before starting any exercise program, consult your physician first & keep products away from children.


• Improves cardio fitness
• Improves muscle tone
• Accelerates calorie burn


    • Contains two, 1 lb./455 gm wrist-ankle weights
    • Slim, discrete unisex design
    • Fully adjustable with silicone self-closure (that really holds it's grip over time)

    Available in pink or black or mint green


    • Premium quality stainless steel, silicon-coated for comfort
    • Silicon coating has anti-stink properties
    Water resistant

    • Easy cleaning - just hand-wash in cold water and air dry
    • Made in China

    *Free Shipping within Canada and the U.S.

    Flat rate $30 International Shipping.

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