ProPower Fully Loaded

All-Pro design means All-Pro benefits

Strength & conditioning trainers, professional athletes, para-military and military personnel understand the critical importance of bio-mechanically sound design. Enabling safe, fluid movement is paramount for any successful training regimen. Our ProPower line fits like a second skin. The compression fit, body-hugging, breathable fabric allows heat and perspiration to escape creating a more comfortable micro-climate while working out. This functionality and comfort meets the exacting requirements of both pro and semi pro athletes, the military and police, fire & paramedic services for the quality of movement it allows as well as the obvious strengthening benefits that it facilitates.

Our Professional line has been engineered to deliver the ultimate in resistance power exercise acceleration and has been embraced by professional and college sports teams as well as the U.S. military in Europe and the U.S.A.

Before starting any exercise program consult your physician.

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