Exercise your right to accessorize

It’s the little adjustments that make the biggest difference in your routine—like adding our accessories to your workout.

Our new Plus 2 Variable Wrist-Ankles Weights are only 1 lb. each—the optimal weight for easily augmenting resistance and cardio training. For example, they help provide upper body awareness and increase workout intensity while running.

We also just introduced Plus 2 Booster Weights as the perfect solution when you are ready to slip on up to double the weight on your Plus 2 Variable Wrist-Ankle Weight straps. No need to buy another set of wrist-ankle weights. 

If you want it all now (a heart has to have what a heart wants to have) then have a look at our Plus 2 Ultimate Wrist-Ankle Weights which saves you money by buying them both together (and saves on shipping too!).

Want a seriously fun way to exercise your entire body, burn calories and tone your core? At just 2.5 lbs. our Take 2 Hula Hoop lets you slim and strengthen your midsection and have a blast doing it. Your family might even want to get in on the fun! We will also introduce you to Getti, who offers a free zoom class on Saturdays. Getti is a former Cirque du Soleil hula performer, hula fitness instructor and a big fan of our Take 2 Hula Hoop.

And our Power Weighted Vest is the perfect training partner. In fitted sizes, it lets you add weight in small increments of 4.5 oz (128 gm) up to 20 lbs. (9 kg), so you can personally manage and evolve your workout routine comfortably and safely at your own pace.

Last, but not least, don't forget your feet. Our Snudio Socks ( allow you to keep a grip while hooping, doing mat work and provide a nice bit of cushioning while wearing your sneakers. They get rave reviews by customers who like a better grip on their hardwood floors too. 

Unlike other clunky workout accessories, ours will not interfere with your current exercise routines or sport-specific training. You can wear them while shopping, walking the dog, doing chores around the house, exercising at home or at the gym.

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Please note: Before starting any exercise program, consult your physician first. And remember, even with your doctor’s approval, always exercise in moderation, avoiding working out to the point of fatigue or pain.